Top tips for rolling out a new brand voice across your business


Written by Bobbie

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You’ve finally reached the end of your rebrand project, which probably means you’ve nailed your brand guidelines, refreshed all your assets, and launched a shiny new website to match. But the hard work isn’t over yet.

Your new look (i.e. anything involving your new logo, font and colour palette) is handled by your design team. But how you sound concerns everyone from your customer service team and social media managers to the staff in your stores.

So how can you ensure your newly developed brand voice becomes embedded in your company culture and is used consistently across the business?

Involve your teams early on

One of the best ways to create buy-in from your colleagues is to involve them in the creative process. It really pays to have different perspectives in the branding process - especially when it comes to painting an accurate picture of who you are as a brand and where you want to be. Plus, not only will they better understand why the change was necessary, but they’ll also feel valued and take ownership of this new brand voice.

Run workshops to put it into practice

A lot of us prefer learning by doing. So why not get hands-on and run brand voice workshops with individual teams? The interactive nature of a workshop means that the information is less likely to go in one ear and out the other. And by putting things into practice, you can run through real-life examples relating to specific teams and job roles, give constructive feedback if you need to, and ensure everyone feels confident using the new brand voice.

Make brand voice a prominent part of the workplace

Your brand voice guidelines shouldn’t be a list of dos and don’ts that’s hidden away in a branding folder - they should be easily accessible to everyone in the business. All your internal comms should already be written in your brand voice, but creating simple assets such as posters, branded slide docs, and even Slackbots notifications are an easy way to give your team everyday hints and reminders. Monzo is a shining example of how to communicate brand voice - you can even read their tone of guidelines for yourself on their website.

Include training as part of the induction process

Formally factoring brand voice training into staff inductions is a great way to emphasise its importance in the business - particularly if the new employee is going to be customer-facing. However, this doesn’t mean making things too stiff or corporate. Simply make sure all your onboarding assets are written in your brand voice and run interactive sessions in the same way that you’d highlight any other important aspects of company culture.

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