Samarkand helps international brands break into the Chinese market. Its eCommerce platform handles everything from distribution and logistics to payments and analytics. And with its own team of brand and marketing experts based in China, Samarkand makes selling in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most complex marketplaces, simple.

  • Brand development
  • UX/UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Craft development

Samarkand found that its current site no longer reflected its products or services, and didn’t speak clearly enough to the investment community - something that would be essential for the brand’s future growth. The Samarkand team needed to bring their brand identity and online presence in line with the ambitious plans they had for the future.

A brand that balances creativity with technology

Samarkand is more than a tech company - it’s a business that understands brands. We brought the brand identity up-to-date - moving away from the clinical feel of a software site and adding bold, striking elements, line-drawn illustrations, and bright pops of colour to reflect the fact that Samarkand is seen to many of its clients as more of a branding and marketing agency.

Translating a complex concept with a clean design

Samarkand makes scaling eCommerce businesses, simple. However, with multiple products and services to showcase, and a target audience that includes both eCommerce brands and investors, we created a site that’s clean and minimal but still looks and feels premium. It follows a user journey that's straightforward and simple, and enables Samarkand to communicate its benefits easily and effectively.
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