Peregrine is the sustainable British clothing brand that’s keeping manufacturing miles to a minimum. Since it was founded back in 1796, Peregrine has been making all its products in the UK. Today, its team works closely with British farmers, weavers and designers to create clothing that’s sustainable, traceable and ethical — from the initial designs to the final stitch.

  • UX/UI design
  • Brand development
  • Front-end development
  • Shopify Plus development
  • Copywriting

As an eighth-generation family business, Peregrine has heritage at its heart. But it was time to bring the brand into the 21st century. The brief was to create a new visual and verbal identity that Peregrine’s audience would identify with. Plus, use insights from previous user behaviour to design and develop a website that would offer a seamless shopping experience and give the Peregrine team more creative freedom when it came to campaigns.

220 years young: a traditional brand with a bold new energy

Our main goal was to modernise the brand by introducing a new look and feel that’s playful and youthful, but still gives a nod to its core values. We paired a new palette of contrasting colours with distinctive design elements such as badge stamps and image inktraps. Then, we went big and bold with typography.
A voice that speaks volumes

British style is all about independence and eclecticism. And when your history is as inspiring as Peregrine’s, it's only right that you write with flair. We outlined a new brand voice that brings together the wit of great British humour, the authenticity of storytelling, and the straight-talking tone of a brand that’s big on sustainability. In other words, charming, honest and rugged. Definitely no wooliness.

Personal(ised) shopping, from the wishlist to the checkout

Our discovery work revealed that almost 3 in 4 users were returning visitors. And since these users are more likely to make a purchase, it only made sense to incorporate more upsell features in both the cart and the wishlist. Shoppers now see recommended products based on what they’ve purchased in the past. Or, they’re presented with suggestions of products that (based on data from past visitors) are frequently purchased together.

Making it better to browse and easier than ever to buy

Peregrine’s a British-made brand, but its products are sold all over the world. Using Shopify Markets, we built a bespoke location switcher that groups countries into regions and enables shoppers to see specific pricing based on their location. Plus, the Peregrine team can customise pages depending on the season or campaign. We also went the extra mile to create more seamless user journeys. Users can browse clothing by size (and only see items that are in stock), as well as product type and material. The responsive image galleries are tailored to their chosen product colour. And, we also added quick buy functionality to the collections pages and blog, so users can easily add featured products to their basket.
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