Since 1984, Fat Tuesday has been serving up grab-and-go frozen daiquiris from its stores across the U.S. and beyond. Its signature drinks, souvenir cups, and discounted refills have made Fat Tuesday synonymous with great music, good vibes, and starting the best party in town.

  • UX/UI design
  • Brand development
  • Front-end development
  • Craft CMS development
  • Copywriting

Come 2021, Fat Tuesday had expanded to over 40 locations. The brand’s digital presence existed, but it lacked strategy. Although its target market of 21-30 year-olds was as engaged (and as loyal) as ever, the brand had outgrown its amateur look of the early ‘00s and the family-owned business vibes. It needed to show it was a strong brand moving in a new direction - and it was heading there fast.

The challenge

Fat Tuesday’s new website would set the tone for all future marketing initiatives, so the brand needed something to showcase its new identity as soon as possible. A tight timeline, paired with the fact that the new management team were still exploring how to shift the brand from what it used to be to what it needed to be, meant that working collaboratively was a must.

A brand that blends in; not tries to fit in

We used continuously revolving 3D animations to reflect Fat Tuesday’s grab-and-go culture, as well as realistic film and photography, flyer-style torn edging, and bright neon signage - a nod to the fact that their Vegas stores are often first-stop vacation spots for those visiting the city.

A user journey that keeps the party going

To increase footfall, we created an interactive map to show users where they can grab their first (or their next) drink. Cup QR codes direct users to a location finder, and we integrated with Fat Tuesday’s third-party gift voucher platform to enable users to quickly and easily check their balance online.

A space for sharing the good times

Research showed that visiting Fat Tuesday was usually a group activity, and almost always part of a wider experience - be that partying, sightseeing, or hitting the beach. With a selfie-worthy selection of drinks and a ready-made audience of social media users, we added a live social feed that synced with in-store screens across all locations to show the good times never stop rolling.

A local, Louisiana-based little sister

After the go-live of the new Fat Tuesday site, we set to work on overhauling the sister brand - New Orleans Original Daiquiri. The premise and concept were the same (frozen cocktails to-go, a dated online presence), but with all outlets in the state of Louisiana, and an older more local audience to appeal to, we gave the brand a small-town, neighbourly feel. Think laid-back Southern vibes, a retro typeface and photography, and a feel-good colour palette and design that says “stop by and kick back with a cold one”.
Happy Client

The result was noticeable as we went from 1989 to 2022 with our new sites. Those who knew the before and saw the after were most impressed. Everyone likes the cup on the site and the numbers (visits, traffic) keep increasing - particularly for the larger brand Fat Tuesday. They are very down to earth. No egos. No busy cards. No "we can't do this" attitude. That's what drew me to choose them. You want nice, capable people, who want to work on your project, and most importantly, can get the job done.

Lais M.

Brand Marketing - Fat Tuesday

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