Carv is a wearable ski boot device that analyses your technique and provides audio coaching in real-time. The brand broke the sports wearables record on KickStarter and has built a community of over 20,000 skiers through its personalised training plans and Ski:IQ™ scoring system.

  • UX/UI design
  • Shopify development
  • Front-end development

We’d been working with Carv since the beginning and developed its first Shopify site for the boot liner technology and app. With the business going from strength to strength, and the Carv team planning to launch a new membership to the skiing community, it was time for a refresh.

Creating a sense of community

Carv’s in-app Ski:IQ™ leaderboard was key to spreading brand awareness within the ski community. But Carv also wanted to create an online hub for skiers, whether they be app users or not. We created a ‘What’s new’ page for the site that would sit in the top navigation and offer updates from the team. Plus, we developed an engaging, interactive blog that could be regularly updated with winter sports content going forward.

Taking the brand to new heights

Since we’d developed Carv’s previous site, we took a deep dive into the analytics to discover how to get even better results. We took inspiration from market leaders, refined the colour palette, and went even bolder with typography to elevate the brand whilst ensuring the look and feel remained consistent across existing channels - including the app.
happy client

Our site’s conversion rate has increased 10x since launching the first version. They have been absolutely excellent. Despite both our team and their team being remote, we’ve managed to maintain outstanding communication. We are kept apprised of how the project is going primarily through Skype, though I can get ahold of Mario at anytime — he’s always available for us whenever we need.



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