Founded by decorated NFL player and Super Bowl champion, Ryan Mundy, Alkeme Health is a digital platform that centres on the Black experience. Featuring a wealth of content from Black practitioners and respected wellness experts, it tackles issues that are historically unaddressed by ​​healthtech, such as intergenerational trauma, systemic racism, anxiety, and microaggressions.

  • UX/UI design
  • Shopify development
  • Front-end development

Work had already started on the Alkeme brand, however, we were tasked with creating a new website for the organisation. Built by the Black community, for the Black community, the site would act as a digital hub where users could access Alkeme’s wellbeing content on demand.

The challenge

The content fell into two categories: Waves (guided meditation tracks) and Labs/Live Labs (sessions hosted by renowned wellness experts). Some Labs and Waves would be freely available, while others could only be accessed by users that registered for an account. It was important that the type of content shown to the user reflected their access levels (an anonymous visitor, a registered user, or a premium subscriber), and that they were able to build an online profile based on the content they had already interacted with or were interested in.

Creating a truly therapeutic user journey

It was important that the design had a calming influence on the user. We ensured the content delivery was steady and flowing, the design was light and well-spaced, and the animations were as natural as possible. We also incorporated elemental aspects such as earthy tones, moving seascapes, and patterns and photography inspired by the golden hour.
Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

The Waves media player resembled a spinning record, and we further customised the UI by enabling three different options: music only, voice only, and music and voiceover. We applied logic so that the tracks in the Lab playlists would only play in sequential order. And, because all progress was saved in the user’s account, they could pause content, go away, and log back in at any time to pick up where they left off. Users also had the ability to “favourite” content, and could automatically add LiveLabs to their Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar.

Taking the Alkeme experience one step further

As Alkeme’s collection of content grew, so did its subscribers. Before go-live, we built a subscription process that linked with Stripe’s API to ensure that users would only be able to access content depending on their user status: anonymous, registered, or premium. With Alkeme launching a brand new app - where all content would now be hosted (and only available to those with a premium subscription) - we adapted the site to ensure it was optimised to drive conversions, yet still retained the essence of Alkeme’s key goal to transform mental health and wellness in the Black community.
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