Acupanel is the original, out-of-the-box wall panelling solution. Handcrafted in Britain using sustainably sourced wood veneer, Acupanel’s slatted wall panelling is not only ideal for everything from ceilings to commercial spaces, but comes with superior soundproofing, too.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Brand Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Copywriting

Acupanel’s current site was outdated, clunky and wasn’t geared up for e-commerce. The brand was selling wall panelling through its parent company, The Wood Veneer Hub. But the time had come for Acupanel to branch out with a new digital e-commerce platform - one that showcased a refreshed brand identity and reflected its reputation as the best in the business.

A twist (or two) on a classic typeface

The visual branding was all about refinement. Acupanel’s current logo typography was uncomfortably wide, so we worked on spacing to create a more readable wordmark and clean, modern logo. We paired that with a new colour palette featuring darker shades of green as background colours alongside lighter, complementary shades. The result? A more premium look and feel that lets the product shots do the talking.
Showing you’re a pioneer — not just saying you are

Acupanel is an industry-first, so emphasising the brand’s originality was a must. We went back to basics, running workshops with the team to outline tone, rhythm and personality. We landed on a new brand voice that’s adventurous, inspiring, and real. We then turned our attention to copywriting. We used pairs of headings to add a signature characteristic to the content - plus, give a nod to the fact that Acupanel’s products are all about style and substance. We told stories about the brand’s heritage to inspire readers. And, above all things, we ensured Acupanel’s voice was warm, genuine, and reflected the fact that installing its products was reassuringly simple. Because to 'do it yourself' should mean just that.

A design that’s out of the ordinary

Behind Acupanel is a team of expert craftsmen with a love of design. Its out-of-the-box panelling is an industry first, so it only made sense that we shake up the average e-commerce store structure with something out-of-the-ordinary. We designed and developed an immersive, interactive website featuring layers of texture, continuous movement and animation, and striking photography. We incorporated audio clips, annotated imagery, and real-life inspiration galleries to elevate the entire user experience. Shoppers can select colours, apply finishes and calculate how many panels they’ll need with the coverage calculator. And traders can sign up for exclusive discounts through Acupanel’s partner program. Everything that shopping with a premium brand should be.
Let us take you further than you’ve ever been