Founded on the belief that bellies deserve better than the dumplings you’d normally find in your frozen food aisle, ABC Dumplings are made with clean, all-natural ingredients, totally gluten-free, and every bit as good as grandma’s.

  • UX/UI design
  • Copywriting
  • Front-end development
  • Shopify development

When ABC Dumplings’ founder, Andrew, went through a total health transformation a few years back, the one thing he couldn’t get his hands on was healthy, gluten-free dumplings. So on behalf of fellow dumpling lovers everywhere, he took it upon himself to create his own. But ABC Dumplings is about more than just clean eating; it’s a love letter to Andrew’s family, past and present. So we built an eCommerce store centred around his story.

Storyselling through Shopify.

Premium ingredients and a higher price point mean ABC isn’t your average FMCG brand. But it’s just about saying no to preservatives, artificial flavourings and other nasties. ABC Dumplings are as Cantonese as they come. We used a mix of micro-interactions, illustrations and transitions to engage and entertain the user from the minute they land on the site – telling the story of one American-born Chinese kid who’d never compromise on flavour for the sake of eating clean.
Filled with feel-good stuff, no fluff.

ABC Dumplings had its visual identity down, but it needed a voice to match. We came through with something that was confident, clean and gave a nod to Chinese culture. Simple and transparent – just like ABC’s ethos. Bold – in its belief that our bodies deserve better. And charming – with quips and quirks that create a sense of belonging. All of this, packaged up into brand guidelines and rolled out across the website.

Colourful. Functional. Fun for all.

We went big with bold pops of colour – especially when it came to backgrounds. But with accessibility always at the top of our agenda, we had to ensure text overlays were always legible. We utilised the intersection observer API to detect when a new section enters the window, changing the colours of the header navigation based on the section background so it’s always seen. Because nothing was getting in the way of that signature storytelling scroll.

Happy clients

"They performed at a highly efficient level as a team with talent spread across the world."

Andrew Won

CEO, ABC Dumplings

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