Shopify, Shopify Plus and us

Shopify makes selling online a breeze. Scalable, customisable, and with the power to streamline and simplify your entire operations, there’s a reason why it’s our platform of choice for e-commerce projects.

About Shopify

Why choose Shopify?

In short, Shopify is the best in the business at helping you grow your retail business. You can sell, ship and process payments, fuss-free. And your customers get a great experience, every step of the way.

But we aren’t the only ones that consider it our go-to. Over 1 million retailers across 175 countries run their stores on Shopify. And they’ve made over $496 billion USD in sales between them.

  • Everything you need, one monthly cost

    All the essential features and functionality — and your hosting costs — are rolled into one monthly payment. Prices start from $29 per month, and you can upgrade to additional apps as you grow.

  • Simple and secure payments

    Forget third-party payment providers or merchant accounts — all major payment methods are accepted. Plus, you’ll get level 1 PCI DSS compliant hosting with SSL domain encryption as standard.

  • An ecosystem of apps

    With a whole ecosystem of apps to choose from, Shopify offers endless ways to expand your store’s features and functionality. If there’s something your online store needs, you can bet there’s an app for it.

  • No upgrade costs or downtime

    With Shopify, you can relax knowing you’re always on the latest version. The team roll out free upgrades and bug fixes all the time. And you have an entire catalogue of new apps to choose from.

  • Easy integrations and automations

    Shopify integrates with your accounting software, ERP, WMS and OMS. Plus, you can set up marketing automation and welcome workflows to help drive sales and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

About Shopify Plus

Need more from your store? Choose Shopify Plus

The great thing about Shopify is that you can be pretty self-sufficient when it comes to starting and scaling your business. And once you reach enterprise level, Shopify Plus can help you manage and market your business and make money on an even bigger scale.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    With scalable SaaS hosting, you get total reliability and will be capable of handling 8,000 orders a minute.

  • Hands-on support

    You’ll have a dedicated account manager and access to a whole host of resources from the Shopify team.

  • Wholesale stores

    Create a dedicated, password-protected wholesale website that can be customised for users and the wholesaler.

  • Global storefronts

    With Shopify Markets, you can sell globally in 21 languages and 133 currencies. But upgrade to Plus, and you can apply customised pricing for different regions and currencies.

  • Customisable checkout

    Personalize your checkout with custom discounts, shipping rates, and product recommendations.

  • Real-time analytics

    Track sales, monitor trends and make use of audience insights to optimise your digital marketing strategy.

  • More advanced apps

    Shopify Plus has a more advanced feature set. And that means you can make the most of a bigger selection of Shopify apps.


Switching to Shopify is simple.

We’ve helped countless merchants migrate their stores to Shopify. We’ll talk you through the entire process, help you master the CMS, and minimise any risk to your search visibility and revenue. Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of switching to Shopify.

Built on

We designed and built a Shopify site to help this sustainable seaweed snack brand flourish.

Three Pigs

We designed and built a Shopify site to help this sustainable seaweed snack brand flourish. three pigs

Richard Brendon

From a West London studio to the world stage. A Shopify site fit for Richard’s handcrafted tableware.

Charlotte Jade

Hand-drawn designs that bring the outside in. And a Shopify site to bring the Charlotte Jade concept to life.

Tom & Dicks

For a luxury bedding brand founded in Manchester - a fully bespoke site, built on Shopify.

Season Creates

The best basketball ever? We created a game-changing Shopify site for leading sports brand, SEASON.

Farmers Juice

Organic cold-pressed juices delivered by them. A Shopify site designed and built by us.


A new brand identity and Shopify site for the responsible designer rug and pillow makers.


A Shopify site for the bio laundry detergent brand that’s bringing new life into gym clothes.


An engaging online platform for a live bacteria supplements brand. Built by us, on Shopify.

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