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Here at S8, annual leave is a biggie. Everyone gets 28 days to cash in whenever they like. Plus, local bank holidays, a long Christmas shutdown, and extra days for our team retreat. Here’s why we think more time OOO is the way to go.

Work-life balance is key

As a fully remote agency, WFH is all we know. But when you work from home, it’s even more important to get that work-life balance down. Your workplace doubles as a place for downtime. And although we’re big on flexible working – and choosing when, where and how we work best – it’s still important to step away from the desk and fully disconnect. Because with regular breathers come fewer burnouts and big productivity boosts.

Different locations mean different bank holidays

The fact we’re based in different countries means we all benefit from different bank holiday dates. Although we all get roughly the same number (except for lucky Biel in Barca), having that extra annual leave means we can celebrate our home country’s traditions the way we want to. Tag extra days onto already long weekends, travel to meet family during big festivities like Easter, or (if you’re based in the UK) turn the month of May into one big holiday.

When we chill should be down to us

A bigger holiday allowance means more flexibility when it comes to taking time off. Instead of weighing up whether to take time off at Christmas or squeeze in a last-minute summer getaway (especially if you’re holding out for great British weather) – you can do both. Plus, more holiday to spend means more time to really disconnect (or just get over the jetlag) and come back to your desk fully refreshed on Monday.

The holidays were made for hibernating

We all know that weird period between Christmas and New Year. You have no idea what day it is – or what the heck you should be doing. But in our book, the last thing on our minds should be work. That’s why we give ourselves two wonderful weeks to switch off, hit reset, and simply celebrate the holidays however we want to. It’s the best way to reflect on the year and come back with a brand-new focus for the year ahead.

Because there’s a whole world out there

We love what we do – partly because of what it enables us to do. Visit new places, experience new things, tackle house renovations, or just go hard on our hobbies. Those extra days of annual leave mean we can take time out for what’s really important. Plus, it means more travel/foodie/DIY tips for the rest of us.

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