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We recently launched our new brand and website. We’ve been working on our rebrand for a while, as we all felt the time was right for us to take a step back and look a little closer at our own brand identity.

Here’s the story behind why we refreshed the Series Eight brand and how we made it happen.

Why we’ve rebranded

In short, we’ve grown - in more ways than one. We’ve always been a small agency, and we see our size as one of our biggest strengths. But in expanding our team, our horizons, and our client base, we were beginning to lose sight of who we were.

In our book, great work begins with a happy team and ends with happy clients. But our success really comes from finding people that get us: hiring the right people and partnering with the right clients. And to be able to do that, we first needed to really understand who we were ourselves.

That’s why, in late 2021, we went back to basics to discover more about our brand personality, what Series Eight stood for, and where we wanted to be.

How we approached our rebrand

Sometimes you just need an outsider’s perspective on things. So we worked with the clever people at Apostrophe to draw out our personality and define our brand voice before we even touched a pixel.

When it came down to it, we discovered what makes us, us is simple: we’re worldwide people people. We may work remotely, across countries and timezones, but, in essence: we’re people creating websites, developing brands and building eCommerce stores – for people.

And you could say the rest is history.

What's really changed?

We’re still the same group of spirited humans with the same mindset and same knack for creating memorable online experiences (the good kind). But what we now have is a brand identity that better represents us and our purpose.

And, of course, our designers took this as an opportunity to make a few changes to how we look.

We took our current brand assets and pushed them further (we’re still Series Eight after all). We went bolder with our typography, swapped the clean-cut white for a dustier shade of grey, and put together a contrasting yellow and purple colour palette that pops.

We refreshed our illustrations (with the help of our good friend Aron) and went for playful line drawings to showcase our team’s personality. We paired them with a suite of single-coloured icons and rotating patterned wallpapers, and filled our site with our favourite videos and photography from recent projects. Because we want to stand out, but make our clients stand out more.

Armed with our new brand and voice, we’re heading into Q2 of 2022 with a fresh perspective, an inspired team, and a handful of exciting new projects. So if you want to speak to our people about creating an online experience that your people will love, then get in touch - we’d love to talk to you.

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