Promote productivity in the office

There are a few small tweaks you can do to make your office a more pleasantly productive space.
Written by Francesca

After a couple of office move arounds, we've put together a list of things that are essential for any creative space and some perhaps not so essential - but still fun!

Plants are your friend

We spend most of our day hacking away at our computer screens which means we don't see the outdoors as much as we should. So bring the green outdoors in and store a couple of plants around the office. Apart from sitting there looking pretty, they brighten up the space and make oxygen for us too, win.

A well behaved office dog from time to time

Offices are becoming more dog-friendly and that's good news because studies show that they reduce stress levels and promote work satisfaction. They're affectionate when you need a cuddle and are a great excuse to get some fresh air when you take them for a walk. Just don't let them eat your homework.

A book shelf

Some argue we can find all the information we need online - but there are many insightful books out there like Designing for Emotion by Aarron Walter. Take a break and pick one up - makes a change from the computer screen.

Your mission

Do all your employees know your mission statement? That's great if they do, but to make sure it's truly implemented and for it to have a presence in the office, literally sticking it on the wall in a creative way can really heighten the team morale.

Cookie Jar

Keep a jar of goodies that everyone can go and help themselves to for a bit of a brain fix. Who doesn't like a biscuit? And another?

Good lighting

Stark lighting can make you feel like you're at school. Too dim and you think you're in a photography light room. Experiment with lighting to get a happy balance and set the right mood.


Artwork brings colour to plain walls and tones down any 'corporate' feelings. Our lives aren't monochrome, so our office shouldn't be either. Whether the pictures are project-based, from an illustrator you love or some pieces from a local artist you've seen, get their work up and be inspired.


Schedules. Ideas. Happy birthdays. Delegate things. Write up ideas. Doodle. Notes. Brainstorm. Contact Numbers. Etc.

Ping pong

If you're really cool, bring in the ping pong table. One of the only sports that actually fits into an office (certainly not ours though) - it provides a fun break to reduce stress, get you moving a bit and stimulate brain function. It also breaks up the generic work day and gives people something to look forward to. If you can't fit a ping pong table, beanbags are good too.

Oh and... take a break!