10 Figma plug-ins all designers should know about


Written by Simon

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Whatever you need these days, you can bet Figma has a plug-in for it. So whether you’re looking for shortcuts that will generally make life easier – or want to level-up your design work – here are 10 that come top of my list when it comes to web design.

01: Aspects

What: Quickly resize images/shapes into specific aspect ratios.

Why: Staying as consistent as possible makes things easier to manage content-wise during the web build.

02: Beautiful Shadows

What: Quickly generate drop shadows.

Why: You get an instant example without having to play around with X, Y & Blur values.

03: Button Buddy

What: Quickly generate button states and styles.

Why: Helps you spend less time manually creating the same states for every project

04: Foundation: Color Generator

What: Instantly generate colour palettes.

Why: Input your chosen colour and generate a range of complementary palettes/shades based on Material, Atlassian, Orbit and Ant Design.

05: Handy Components

What: Get a library of editable handy components.

Why: Allows you to drop useful pre-set components and states in your design system.

06: Image Tracer

What: Create flat vector shapes from images.

Why: This tool lets you instantly convert logos/icons to vector format within Figma.

07: Measure

What: Shows all measurements for any element.

Why: Great for when you need to display sizes for documentation such as design systems/guides.

08: Namespaces

What: Formats layer names.

Why: Good practice when it comes to preparing for dev handover.

09: Stark

What: Check accessibility colour contrast.

Why: A great way to make sure accessibility is taken care of when it comes to colour palettes, branding and design systems.

10: Typescales

What: Create header styles.

Why: Quickly and easily scale all your typography for branding docs, web designs, and more.

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