Team trip to Budapest

Written by Francesca

As our team at Series Eight is fully remote, we have started to do an official annual trip with both the design and development team so we can catch up, actually see each others’ faces without pixels and just in general have a good time with the people we create so much with.

This 2019 we decided on Budapest, Hungary. Some of us hadn’t been and it seemed like an easy, central place in Europe for everyone to get to. After a bit of research around as the team trip organiser 🤓it also seemed like a city full of interesting history, amazing cuisine (not so much for veggies, it’s pretty intensely meat focussed), good activities and reasonable prices too.

If you’re interested in what we got up to and want some ideas/inspiration for your team trip, keep reading to get a quick snapshot of what it was like.

Day 1

We all arrived in Budapest at different times, so some of us spent the day walking about getting a feel for the place, visiting the food market, having a flat white, becoming acquainted with the River Danube, learning a few Hungarian words, etc. Later that night when we’d all gathered, we caught up in a super cosy Hungarian & Jewish restaurant by our accommodation over beer, red wine, dumplings and paprikash, listening to John’s crazy journey stories.

Day 2

We started our icy walk bright (but not TOO early) to a leather workshop called Mittersitters. We tried our hands at making some unique leather goods to see if we’re as skilled with the blade as we are with the type keys. I can’t speak for all, but I still use my purse everyday!

Later that evening we took a night tour of Budapest. We visited several ruin bars too (see purple hued pictures) where we were proudly introduced to their local drink Unicum. It really did what was promised about curing anything you have - my flu was literally gone the next day.

Day 3

Pasta workshop morning! Ever so slightly groggy, we made our way to learn how to make some pasta the Hungarian way; a little different to the way they make it in Italy. We got straight into mixing our ingredients and kneading - who knew it was such a workout? Later on, we went for a more mental workout, probably one of our favourite activities on the trip - the Neverland escape room. And yes, we did escape. But only after a quick last minute a-hah moment with seconds to spare. We then of course celebrated our last evening with a little more food and drink, to set us up for our short trips back home the next day.

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By Francesca Vassiliades Francesca is design lead at Series Eight.