Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Written by Mario

With a growing community base and a high demand for accurate wind and weather data, we decided to set up and install a weather station at the surfhouse.

We looked at our options and found we had... none. No electricity, no internet - just consistent wind from the perfect direction along with the warmest and flattest of waters. So how did we deliver this product to this kitesurfing mecca?

Finding Internet

Our first step was to find a reliable internet source. 3G wasn't an option in the middle of nowhere. A couple of kilometres west of the island there was a residential area with a decent internet line, so we missioned out and found a welcoming family to let us use their internet. We did this by installing an antenna at Kahuna Surfhouse which acted as a internet receiver. Crazy right?

Finding Power

Cyprus is a hot Mediterranean island with an abundance of sun, so we looked into solar panels and a leisure battery to go with it to power up our weather station. This was an easy install and we had it running with power in no time. Before that we used batteries and took them home to charge them up every 2-3 days. Sound like a nightmare? It was.


We did some research and found some great posts online where people had set up weather stations with Raspberry Pi's and an open source software called Weewx. This seemed like an amazing little piece of hardware and software to use so we ordered up all the gadgets.

The hardware:

Raspberry Pi with 3x 16gb high quality SD Cards -

Smart Weather station on Amazon - Link Here


We then went through a great tutorial by @DaviesBarnard which can be found here His guide gives a super simple way of installing the software and getting your raspberry pi set up as a server.

Getting it online was another challenge and for this we used RaspCTL Dynamic DNS This was a way to allow for a dynamic IP address to be assigned to the raspberry pi and allow it to be open to the internet when we opened the port on our router.

Once we got the pi online, we then stripped out some of the data from the RSS feed and fed it through a simple page on the Kahuna Surfhouse website. This got rid of all the unnecessary data that people did not want to read and left the website clean and branded as it should be.

Comment below if you would like assistance in setting up your own weather station - or contact us if you would like us to set up one for you for your school or club.

Checkout Kahuna Surfhouse:

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By Mario Vassiliades Mario is Creative Director of Series Eight.