How localised shipping can help drive conversions


Written by Bobbie

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Selling to shoppers outside the UK is a no-brainer for growing your e-commerce business. But expanding overseas is easier said than done – especially when it comes to fulfilment. We caught up with ShipBob to discover why – in today’s marketplace – offering localised shipping is such a big conversion driver.

Fewer delays at customs = more repeat custom

Since Brexit, a big hurdle for businesses selling outside the UK to overcome is the red tape at customs. Not only are additional duties costly, but the entire process of shipping across borders can also be incredibly time-consuming. Being in both locations helps prevent anything from being slowed down. And the more reliable your delivery times, the more likely your customers are to buy – and keep buying again and again.

Attract buyers with fast, free delivery

Staying local keeps your shipping costs down. If you’re already based in your buyer’s region, there’s no need to navigate exchange rates. You’re also avoiding any carrier surcharges and cutting down on the fuel costs associated with getting your goods from A to B. And with your profits taking less of a hit all around, you’re more likely to be able to offer the holy grail of fast, free shipping – something that’s essential at a time when customer expectations are at an all-time high.

Eliminate any uncertainty at the checkout

Don’t underestimate the power of “what you see is what you pay”. Tell a customer that they may have to pay additional fees because they’re based overseas and they’ll definitely think twice about buying. If you’re shipping locally and can offer delivery duty paid, then your sales are guaranteed to soar. In fact, according to ShipBob, conversion rates are four times better when you offer this type of service.

Tap into country-level preferences

Offering local fulfilment isn’t just great for slashing delivery times and costs. It allows you – and your customers – to personalise the shipping process further. Instead of offering just home delivery, you can make use of pick-up points and collection lockers – the preferred choice for buyers in the Netherlands, France and Germany. And let’s face it, if your customers can choose to collect (and return) their orders in a way that works best for them, they’re more likely to commit in the first place.

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