How to create a great workplace culture (without the office)


Written by Bobbie

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Series Eight is a fully remote agency. And although we’re far apart geographically, socially we’re closer than most. Speaking from experience, here are a few pointers around how to create a positive office culture, minus the office.

Have great communication channels

We began working remotely long before WFH was a thing, so catching up with clients (and one another) over Zoom is second nature to us. For those quick questions, queries, and general product updates, we connect over Trello, a Slack huddle, and sometimes even good old-fashioned email.

And when it comes to sharing skills, TV shows, photos of pets, and just about anything else that’s worth sharing, you can guarantee there’s a Slack channel for it. Because if you can’t simply walk over to someone’s desk, or chat around the water cooler, then you need to keep the online communication channels as open as possible.

Adopt a collaborative working style

We’ve always worked collaboratively - that’s just how we do things around here. We’re across different timezones, but we work closely together on projects, share new ideas and inspiration, and if we think there’s a better way to do things, we say it.

But we also collaborate with our clients. They have total visibility when it comes to progress and a direct line to everyone that’s working on their project. And as soon as something’s ready to be shared, we share it.

Open, honest, and everyone’s a winner.

Make time for personal development

We spend more time online than most, so we know a lot about what keeps people scrolling, searching, sharing and clicking. But we could always know more.

Friday afternoons are something we reserve for personal development. Whether that be brushing up on our skills, finding new ways of doing things, or simply sharing our latest discoveries. Because - even more so when you’re working remotely - setting goals and celebrating successes shouldn’t be last on the to-do list.

Host regular virtual get-togethers

Mixing up work and play helps create a happier place to work. And something that recent times have taught us is that virtual hang-outs don’t start and end with quizzes.

Working from home has the potential to be a little lonely sometimes. That’s why we set time aside to not talk shop and, most importantly, have fun. Monday mornings are spent chatting about our weekends and, once a month, we host a virtual social. Think pottery making, team tournaments, and live cocktail-making. The more inventive, the better.

Hang out in real life

Whilst we still manage to get our fair share of facetime, our annual trip is a highlight. We travel across oceans to hang out in real life. We’re people people, so it’s good for us to get together in person at least once in a while. Plus, we all have something pretty amazing to look forward to.

Watch this space for details of where our 2022 trip takes place. Hint: we may need our surfboards.

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