AI and blog writing: use it, but don’t lose it


Written by Bobbie

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Chatbots may be capable of producing word-perfect answers, generating text that ticks every box when it comes to readability – even passing exams, apparently. And although bots seem to have all the answers, they’re not always the answer to better blog writing. At least not right now, anyway. Here’s why.

The power of personality

A blog is a platform for news and views. Somewhere for thoughts and feelings; for teaching and inspiring. Basically, it’s a place to be authentically you – and that’s something AI can’t replicate. In our book, the best business blogs are the most human ones. The voices they’re written in might not be the most daring or even reach the Aldi Twitter account levels of wackiness – but they’re real. They’ve been written by a person, for a purpose, about something they’re passionate about. They’re honest, genuine – and may even be a bit rough around the edges. But all of these things make them the kind of blogs you’re going to remember.

It’s all about authenticity

Ask Chat GPT to write you a blog that’s four paragraphs long and covers all the main talking points about – let’s say, the importance of brand voice, and it will create exactly that: for you – and for everybody else that asks the same thing. It may be in the perfect blog format, be easy to understand, and have numbered headings that make it accessible to all types of readers. It could be everything that a user is looking for. But it’s not you. It doesn’t reflect your values or mission, showcase your USPs, or build trust: things that your brand’s voice subtly – but certainly – does. So believe us when we say authenticity matters.

What you say, goes. Literally.

If your blog is where you showcase team knowledge and insights – great. Share snippets from behind the scenes? Even better. But if we’re talking about using blogs as a way to answer common search queries then doing something different can give you the edge. Don’t churn out a bot-like answer that the internet has heard a hundred times before – and forget about aiming for the word-perfect answers of the SERP-topping answer box. Use your blog to be unique. Because in a world where bots are guaranteed to give you the safe, the standard, and the forgettable – anything goes.

Final word(s)

Now all of this might have got you thinking we’re anti AI. But you have to admit that ChatGPT (and other apps out there) are pretty remarkable. And if they can help make life easier by generating ideas, finding facts, or sourcing foundation content in seconds, we’re here for it. Just be aware that having well-written, Wikipedia-worthy content right there at your fingertips could mean losing sight of why you’re blogging in the first place. That’s why it’s important to use AI to your advantage – and always be wary of employing it full-time as your brand’s newest content writer.

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