Series Eight.

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Specialists in User Experience, User Interface Design, Branding &
Front-End Development

Our Passion is in...


When the digital age revolutionised we took our graphic design backgrounds and advanced into designing world class websites and applications having mastered the art of exceptional UX.


So it looks pretty, but does it work? Our developers build solid, fully functional systems to have your website working smoothly with the latest developments & technologies out there.


Communicating through visual is effective, but defining your verbal identity is hugely important. We develop a consistent brand voice across all platforms with intriguing content to match.

User Interface Design (UI)

We tie unique, aesthetically pleasing design into brand identity and established functionality to bring together the entire digital concept.

User Experience Design (UX)

This is where we analyse how a consumer might use the website. Wireframing, user testing and mapping out user journeys allows us to create an easy to navigate and appealing website that will be fully functional for the user.

Branding + Identity

Relentless imagination helps us to devise a personality, voice and visual concept that projects the features and values of a business effectively - through logo design, promotional materials & more.

Digital + Print Design

We combine operational thinking with advanced design skills to create inspiring and compelling visuals.

ExpressionEngine / Statamic CMS

We develop with these phenomenally powerful & flexible content management systems to give our customers ease of use and complete control over their content.

Ruby on Rails

For more complex projects where exceptional functionality and algorithm-building is needed, we use Ruby on Rails for a bespoke software development system.

Javascript Framework

With a wide range of Javascript experience, we use these libraries to bring functionality and better performance to our development environment.

Sass / Less

This allows for cleaner and easier programming when coding up our CSS - it allows us to bring a more powerfully structured code which in turn brings better performance to our users.

Content Creation

Apart from just immaculate grammar, punctuation and spelling, we create intriguing content from slogans, long editorials, short advertisements to blog posts.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We’re experts in writing SEO content, which ensures what you’re saying gets communicated across the internet effectively.

Brand Voice

What does your brand sound like? Young and rebellious? Informative and formal? We communicate brand personality with words and make sure it’s scrupulously consistent across all platforms.

Social Media

There’s an art to discourse on social media platforms and we’d like to think we’ve grasped it - from creating and maintaining strong client social media profiles that continue to rise in following and in reputation.

Our client base is spread across multiple continents...

We are based in Hackney, London. Having worked with some amazing people across the globe, we have become super flexible with all the amazing tools we can use to collaborate efficiently.

San Francisco
Cape Town
Sao Paulo
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The Studio

Based in the creative heart of East London, we're massively immersed in an ever-changing and intriguing location.

We love being close to London's major tech events which we religiously attend to constantly sharpen and evolve our digital knowledge. Our studio environment reflects our approach - simple, precise and quirky. We've cultivated an inspiring, open space to breathe, work, laugh and think up new ideas, making it easy for our design, development and content team to collaborate seamlessly.

The Process

We discuss your ideas…CONCEPTTest, testtest, test…UX Wires, UI DesignDESIGNLeaves on the treeWORDSWe make it work…DEVELOPMENTLet the bird fly!LAUNCH
We discuss your ideas…CONCEPTTest, test test, test…UX Wires, UI DesignDESIGNLeaves on the treeWORDSWe make it work…DEVELOPMENTLet the bird fly!LAUNCH

The Team

We are strong believers in people which is why we like to give our team every opportunity to flourish and learn in what they do - we're kinda like a family.

Our team could be described as a small but perfectly formed rainbow, in the sense they come from different corners of the globe and have expertise in different industries. This vibrancy of talent and knowledge really translates into exceptional and original work - making the office a pretty cool place to be.

Mario Vassiliades
Founder, UI / UX
Francesca Yacoumis
Designer, Editor
Dimitri Kouvdis
Front-end Developer


Listen to our office playlist, it's what keeps us going through the day. Along with coffee and cute doggies.

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