Playbook is a subscription-based platform for health and wellness creators in the U.S. The app gives fitness influencers, athletes, yogis and trainers the tools to grow their businesses. Plus, it allows a growing community of fans to access a library of unlimited fitness content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • UX/UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Craft CMS development
  • Copywriting

Since Playbook was just starting out, it had to showcase the app to fans wanting to subscribe to general fitness content as well as appeal to creators in need of a platform. Plus, once the creators came on board, Playbook needed to give them the tools to encourage sign ups via their own fan bases. Each creator would have their own landing page that looked, felt, and acted like their very own microsite, but, in reality, would direct users into the same subscription funnel for the Playbook app.

A brand that evolved with the business

The Playbook platform is all about great content, so it was important that we reflected this in the design. The clean, minimal interface lets the high-quality photography and video do the talking. And, as the number of creators grew, we added more user-generated content, testimonials, and real-life in-app screenshots to the site.

A creative platform for creators

The creator landing pages would be managed by Playbook. However, to drive fan subscriptions, the creators would need to provide the Playbook team with great content in the first place. We developed an online handbook that would guide the creators through the entire Playbook process - and could be updated based on ongoing feedback from both fans and creators. Plus, we designed a series of landing page templates that could be populated with the creator’s own photography, branding and logo, but still retain a premium, bespoke look and feel.

A fully scalable solution

Playbook soon grew to have over 300 creators on the platform - each one with their own dedicated landing page on the Playbook site. To manage the high levels of traffic, we statically hosted creator pages on custom domains and leveraged CDNs so that content was automatically deployed from nearby servers. To engage fan bases and drive more sign-ups, Playbook also enabled creators to launch challenges, whereby users could upload a before and after video/photo to the platform and win a prize courtesy of the creator. We moved this entire submission process outside the main site to ensure that site speed performance and app subscriptions will never be compromised.
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