DaySmart has been in the business of helping businesses grow for over 20 years. Its flexible software solutions streamline operations, simplify bookings, reporting and marketing, and free up employees to focus on their customers.

  • Brand development
  • UX/UI design
  • Front-end development
  • WordPress development
  • Copywriting

Over the years, DaySmart has expanded and added more businesses to its portfolio. With more acquisitions on the horizon, the DaySmart team wanted to overhaul the brand image of the entire collection of products, building more value in the DaySmart brand and creating a consistent look and feel for the future.

The challenge

DaySmart’s current products span across four verticals: spa, pets, tattoos, and salons. The brief was five websites - all aligned with a shiny new DaySmart brand, but different in their own way. Working with five very different businesses (and their very different websites) also had its challenges - especially when all of the new sites needed to go live at the same time.

A look and feel to future-proof the brand

We created a set of five new logos and colour palettes - all paired with a collection of hand-drawn illustrations that were tailored to each vertical. This formed a core brand framework that could be rolled out as new businesses were acquired.

Five fully-aligned websites

We developed five separate sites, each one of which functioned independently. Dealing with the different sub-business sites meant working with various integrations such as referral links and discount codes, but the result was a set of websites designed to drive conversions in the same way.

A simple, super-scalable solution

With all the new product sites hosted on separate domains, adding new businesses to the portfolio was easy. But it wasn’t just the DaySmart business that was rapidly changing. As the products themselves evolved, the in-house teams could update any content on features and functionality through the WordPress CMS.
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