On-demand insurance


UIFront end development

As a long term client, we have been innovating for Trov for the recent years and most recently have undergone a facelift for the website as they rearranged their vision.

Awards and recognition:  Honourable Mention, Awwards

We built their full marketing website onto Craft 3 CMS for its robust flexibility and created an entirely interactive homepage experience.

As a product spanning 3 continents, it was important that modules would change depending on the region marketing specific content and messaging on one website.

The Mobility sector is an ideal example of how we streamlined the Trōv site. The animated illustration indicates different modes of transport that Trōv is able to insure and what the benefits are when using Trōv's service.

Since the website is large and constantly updating, a consistent icon sheet and styleguide was created to keep all designers on track.