Luxury bedding, online

Tom & Dicks


Tom & Dicks is a new luxury bedding company based in Manchester that sells exclusively online. We were approached to create a brand new Shopify store with two main objectives; articulate the high quality of the products and values of the company, and drive high conversion due to being an online business.

As fresh as the linens

Although the story of Tom & Dicks draws from a strong historical heritage, we kept the design calm and minimal to let the product photography and informative content take centre stage.

Comforting in more ways than one

By anticipating the customer’s need for reassurance when buying online, it was especially important for the website to be helpful and educational at all times, so the customer can be as close to the product as metaphorically possible. The Yarn and Fabric Guide in particular seamlessly allows you to compare fabrics and transparently differentiate their quality from competitors.

Can’t decide?

Order a sample pack! Series Eight created a range of GIFs and illustration to bring the fabric to life.

The power of choice

The modern consumer likes to be able to tailor everything. The store features a bespoke bundle builder, where customers can create their own bedding bundle, customising size and colour, and enjoy the savings it has to offer. Each product has helpful tooltips and size charts to aid selection with clear imagery to show their choices.