Spoke is a menswear label based in London selling exclusively online. Their expanding range of garments focus intensely on the perfect fit, high quality materials and craftsmanship, and extensive sizing.



The brief was to entirely overhaul the current design and development structure of Spoke's online Shopify store, which was currently on a Shopify basic template.

Our discovery day at the Spoke office in West London was enlightening. Not only did we get to see and feel the product (we immediately fell in love) but we also knuckled down with each member of the Spoke team for some in depth discussions. We looked under the hood of how the business was currently operating and how the online store was currently performing by analysing data, analytics and user feedback. We found several pain points, in particular their tool The Fit Finder - which acts as a quiz to learn the user's perfect fit measurements before filtering out products to match their result - was a frustrating experience and simply not working. By the end of the day, we managed to align our expectations, our inspiration and our understanding of what the Spoke store should look like, how it should feel and importantly, how it should function.

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“I retained Series Eight for an overhaul of our fashion E-Commerce website, built on the Shopify platform. At the time, we were turning over £3-4m, and converting well ... so the store was very much a going concern, and there was a lot of potential downside to the project. It was important they didn't break it! I needn't have worried. Series Eight did a great job. The site looks great, has materially more functionality, and the code is clean and fast. Highly recommended, without hesitation.”

– Ben Farren, SPOKE London

The results

We're really happy and excited with the way the Spoke store turned out. Spoke's always been successful with extremely loyal customers (as we learnt in testing!) and we're pleased to say since we launched the new Spoke their conversions are up by a whole 20%. Nice, right?

And they've just brought out shorts just in time for Summer, so get on down!

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