Series Eight were appointed to overhaul the entire design and development structure of Spoke’s Shopify store. After a discovery day in the Spoke headquarters that included team interviews, analysis of their data and user feedback, along with seeing and feeling the product, we were well equipped with a deeper insight into how to re-imagine the store for its customers. Series Eight went on to create an experience that led to a 20% increase in sales and win Best Mobile Commerce Experience for the Shopify Ecommerce Awards 2017.

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Spoke is a menswear label based in London selling exclusively online. Their expanding range of garments focus on high quality materials, craftsmanship and the perfect fit.

Best Mobile Experience for Shopify Commerce Awards 2017

Tailored experience for bespoke garments

  • Bold typography and blueprint style visuals were key in communicating with Spoke’s professional male audience
  • An intelligent shopping experience that is as tailored to the user as the bespoke garments they were about to purchase
  • Finding the right product is made easier with different trousers styles given context through imagery, content and grouping
  • Find your bespoke fit in 60 seconds; an illustrative Sizing Quiz that takes the users email address prompts the system to automatically create their account and applies their unique measurements to the entire store. With the profile saved for all future visits, this is like walking into a shop and having all the clothes custom sized to you, every time.

Mario and team did a great job. The site looks great, has materially more functionality, and the code is clean and fast. On the couple of occasions we've had issues with the site (even one that really had no connection with their work), they've been incredibly responsive, and quick to resolve. Highly recommended, without hesitation.

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