Architectural visualisation

Ninety 90

UIFront end development

Ninety90 is a creative architectural visualisation studio based in London. They produce stunning imagery to convey the ideas and styles of architectural projects. Series Eight were briefed with for a website that was super sophisticated with a modern touch to showcase the breadth of their work and services.

Translating their value

We went overall for a dark website with rose gold touches to convey a sense of timelessness and luxury to reflect the high quality of Ninety90’s work. Each touchpoint has a more dramatic animation style than usual with large, roomy sections to further establish the interactive and immersive nature of their services.

Taking it for a spin

Careful consideration was taken for animation and transitions throughout the website. In particular, we placed an outlined version of the “90” from their logo into the background, which fills in with light on a loop to demonstrate the 360 degree nature of their interactive projects.