Born on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter and 663% funded, GOBAG is a carry-on duffel bag with a vacuum compression system which lets you pack all your gear into one small space; perfect for short escapes or longer adventures.



GOBAG challenged us to create a digital experience that matched the product.

After two year of sketches, sewing, testing and refining, GOBAG launched on Kickstarter, with the belief that when you travel compact, you experience more. We began working on our website strategy to not only tell the story of the adventure bag, but to describe the ton of nifty features too from the metal Duraflex hardware to the Max Pack Bag that can be compressed by a vacuum or by hand.

Our vision was to ignite wanderlust in the user before taking them on a visually stimulating presentation of the bag and how they can use it. Whilst doing so, it was really important to inject the notion of adventure and the outdoors and avoid a static site by all measures.

“The various visual elements on the journey of the homepage, from the product photography, adventure stills and hand drawn illustrations create texture in the visuals and add depth to the experience.”

– Mario Vassiliades, Series Eight

The results

GOBAG experienced a high level of steady traffic from launch and the website received “Best Homepage Award” from the 2016 Shopify E-Commerce awards.