Carv approached Series Eight to entirely revamp their Shopify store with an aggressive timeline to meet upcoming press releases. The key issue with the previous site was that consumers were confused about what the product was and how it worked, which led to less conversions and a high bounce rate. Our objective was to deliver a clear, user-centric design that showcased Carv’s value proposition immediately, helping customers to fully understand and visualise how the product works.

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With over 50 pressure and motion sensors, the Carv device slots into your ski boot to analyse your performance and give you real-time audio feedback on every turn. A revolutionary tool that broke the sports wearable record on Kickstarter, to help improve your skiing skills whether you’re a beginner or an athlete.

Clear carving

  • We placed Carv’s video at the forefront so users can see the product in action
  • Visual communication of how Carv comes in 3 parts
  • Custom illustration for Carv set up
  • Path to purchase is always available

Thanks to their high-quality development, the conversion rate has increased 10x since the site’s launch. Their communication remains excellent as they move forward in the site’s second version. They also remain diligent in providing an accurate and honest answer to every question asked.


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