Why We Should Teach Our Kids How To Code

In school, a lot of us in the UK learnt French. But I for one never spoke a word of it since I left that classroom.

It's time for kids to learn a new and exceptionally more useful global language - programming. Afterall have you never heard of children learning languages better than an older person because their brains just soak up more knowledge?

Technology is constantly progressing and is ruling the world with a new age of digital society, entrepreneurs and tech geniuses (did you hear about the 12 year old mobile developer?). This is reason enough for kids to sink their teeth into coding and get a head start from a young age at school. No matter what their career path, learning how to code and execute an idea by physically building it leads to invaluable logical thinking and problem solving skills that they can apply to any subject. At least they would be spending time learning something entirely productive that they could genuinely use when they're older. Amazingly, a new computing curriculum for kids started just last month in schools over the UK.

Resources to get kids started

Year of Code | @ukcoding | Promoting coding awareness |

Independent, non-profit campaign Year of Code are spreading awareness on getting into code and supporting the movement for teaching it to children. They have a great list of resources and tools for getting started including…

Code Club | @codeclub |

A nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11 showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites.

Kano | @teamkano |

Kano, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, is a beautifully designed computer that can be put together by kids as young as six using a Raspberry Pi operating system. Its interactive design and easy-to-follow instructions makes building your code skills extremely simple.

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