Shopify Commerce Award 2017

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Earlier this year, Series Eight had the honour of receiving our second Shopify award!

Specifically, we were awarded "Best Mobile Commerce Experience 2017" for our project with Spoke, an online menswear label based in London, England where we made it our best efforts to create an engaging and intuitive mobile first shopping experience.

We couldn't make it to Canada for the Unite Conference but we managed to watch the Livestream highlights from Dotmailer's offices in London Bridge.

Read the full article on the Shopify blog here. You can also read more about the work we did on this project in our own case study.

A design with smooth transitions and advanced customization options. On narrow screens, floating filters bar at the bottom keeps filters always accessible and the checkout is smooth and straightforward. Well done! The user research work done here shows. Love the custom suit options and the entire user flow. Vitaly Friedman Editor-In-Chief of Smashing Magazine