Solutions to Seven Daily Problems

Nope we don't mean alcohol! We’re increasingly seeing clever design and technology implemented into our daily lives to solve problems and simplify monotonous activities, here's a few that caught our eye (circa 2015).

Where are my keys? Where is my dog?

If this sounds familiar, try @TheTileApp. Once you've downloaded the App, attach the little tile to whatever it is that gets often lost. The tile casts a Bluetooth signal of up to 100ft and sings a little melody when you're hot to help you find where the elusive item is hiding. The App supports up to 8 tiles and one tile costs $25 (approx £16). Read more about how it works here.

My wallet is about to burst.

If you're tired of fumbling around your wallet which feels more like Mary Poppins' endless bag, @Bellroy is a decent solution. Their range of wallets are cleverly designed to be extra slim and functional crafted with premium vegetable tanned leathers. In particular, their daily Hide & Seek wallet (£65) holds over 12 cards, 4 quick access card slots, a hidden bill section, a protected section (for business cards) and space for coins and a simcard.

I'm cycling to work and I just went through a puddle of mud.

You need Ass Savers made by a Swedish company passionate about bicycles and design. Use this trusty, incredibly lightweight mudguard on the back of your bike to ensure you have a splash-free bottom on your commutes. A must for all cyclists.

My umbrella is officially finished.

If you've been reading the news lately you probably will have heard about the latest "weather bombs". Forget your limp umbrella - you're going to need something more storm-proof than that during these winter months. Dutch designed @senz_international/ can withstand 100km winds and to prove it they've been tested in wind tunnels and even jumping out of aeroplanes. They're pleasing on the eyes too- you can find them here.

This music at work is driving me mad.

Put your headphones on and listen to @noisli, the perfect background noise for either working or just chilling out to improve concentration and boost productivity. You can find sounds of the forest, waterfalls, coffeeshop, wind, rain… Whatever takes your fancy.

I'm about to leave for a meeting and my phone is gonna lose charge.

Charge your phone on the go with portable, cute Japanese Danboard character by Cheero, using a USB cable.

I'm almost home. Can't find my keys.

Didn't you know? There's an app that unlocks your door. The wireless device @Lockitron fits over your own lock and installs very quickly. The App notifies you if someone has unlocked your door (whether it be with their phone or a key), gives you keyless entry when you arrive home using Bluetooth Low Energy and allows you to share access with friends and family through the App as long as they have a smartphone.

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