Generate Conference 2016: London

See what Series Eight got up to and learnt at Generate Conference 2016.
Written by Francesca

What is Generate Conference?

Dubbed “the conference for web designers”, the award winning Generate Conference is an intense two day event that’s organised by Net Magazine (the world’s leading print and digital publication for designers and developers) and Creative Bloq. It’s their fourth year in action and they now take place in five international locations. This year’s London based event took place at the Royal Institution, an iconic, 19th century venue dedicated to scientific education and research.

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Why did we go?

Anyone in our industry will understand how crucial it is to be at the forefront of all that is new and occurring in the fast paced worlds of design and technology. We believe that we are always students of our craft and with design being such a passion-led discipline, it’s events like these that allow our community to have a constant flow of knowledge sharing; from tricks and advice to fresh perspectives.

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The event

Apart from the venue being inspiring by itself, the line up was brimming was top class speakers from around the world. The schedule was well organised with frequent breaks where we were spoilt with food and drink, allowing us to digest information and discuss it with those around us.

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What we learnt

Generate was such a diverse, well rounded schedule of speeches from progressive web apps, user testing, to the last talk on creating culture by Jeff Veen - having watched him speak at the first Design Club event we were so excited for another of his dynamic speeches! So, after streamlining our notes, here are some main things we took away:

  • 5 user testers are all you need to give an 80% chance of covering problems - Ida Aalen
  • The importance of progressive web apps in countries with limited connectivity, data and funds - Bruce Lawson
  • Make your designs more modular - Anna Dahlstrom
  • Discover how to price your work based on the client whether it be value, time or performance based - Brad Weaver
  • A design system is a set of rules and assets that define how to express everything a visual language needs to say - Micah Godbolt
  • Always document your work and see how it can apply to clients - Brendan Dawes
  • Achieve data driven design using tools such as optimizely, analytics, crazy egg and heatmpas - Michel Ferreira
  • Ask the Five Whys to discover the root cause of error - Jeff Veen


Apart from being a little mentally exhausted we were so excited by everything we had learnt and the people we had met at Generate. It was a great way to get our heads out of the office and discuss entirely non work related stuff, instead focusing on design, reiterating why we fell in love with it in the first place.

Big thanks to Oliver Lindberg, the editor of Net Mag and curator of Generate Conf for making it awesome - who we met again just one week later in our trip to New York. - but you can read all about that here.